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Universal Permanent Motor Run Capacitors FAQ

motor-rundirect™ range of universal HVAC permanent motor run capacitors reduce downtime for the Service Technician.

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What happens if I wire the capacitor incorrectly?
Your motor requires the exact value to replace the original capacitor. The
Motor-mate™ capacitor is designed to fail safely if mis-wired with a lower
value. Depending on how low a value it is, it can take anywhere up to three
weeks to fail. Therefore it is imperative that you double check your wiring
before turning the electricity back on. This is the single most common
cause of failure.

What is the difference between this capacitor and other regular capacitor?
This universal capacitor uses an easy-to-use innovative jumpering system to produce any value required up to 12.5mfd (mini motor-mate™) and 67.5mfd (motor-mate™) in one can so you will always have the right part with you.

How does the jumpering system work?
Motor-mate™ has 6 terminals using the most common values; 2.5mfd, 5mfd, 5mfd, 10mfd, 20mfd and 25mfd, with a common black terminal. Simply check the capacitance required and link together the terminals needed to make up that value. Click here to go to the jumpering instructions for motor-mate. Mini motor-mate™ works exactly the same way, with 3 terminals. There values are; 2.5mfd, 5mfd and 5mfd with a common black terminal. Click here for full jumpering instructions for mini motor-mate.

Can these capacitors be used for anything other than air conditioning units?
Yes, although the capacitor is primarily designed for use in air conditioning units, it is suitable for use on any motor that requires a motor-run capacitor.

I need to keep a huge range of spares in my van and with so many values of capacitors its increasing all the time, Can I just keep these two and get rid of my other stock?
Yes, the kit has been designed with the service engineer in mind. The motor-mate™ replaces over 200 types of the most common dual and single value capacitors. The mini motor-mate™ replaces 20 single value capacitors.

What are the dimensions of the can?
The motor-mate™ has a diameter of 2 1z2 inches and a height of 5 inches. The mini motor-mate™ has a diameter of 1 3z4 inches and a height of 3 inches.

I have fitted a capacitor and it's defective. How do I get a replacement?
In the unlikely event of a failure, simply return the igniter to your wholesaler together with proof of purchase for a replacement. Any problems email motor-rundirect. All our products come with a one year warranty click here for details.

The motor-mate™ is larger than the capacitor I replaced. Is it O.K. to fix them with zip ties or other types of fixing?
Yes, it is fine to use zip ties














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